La Dolce Vita… the serious planning commences!

So i have talked about this for some years now, but never actually had the bottle to do it. Today i am finally committing to  make a milestone decision start living my travel dreams!

I am going to celebrate turning 30 by eating my way round the world big food voyage! I am fascinated by food, culture and language and want to explore and experience as many of them as i can en route to finding somewhere to settle.

I have lived in Milton Keynes (City of Dreams) for my whole life, and while i have travelled a fair amount and spent quite a lot of time working outside of the delights of roundabout town i have an inkling that there are other places that may just be a little more inspiring to spend some time.

Having dreamt about doing this for a long time i have oodles of ideas about places i want to go, snippets from magazines and books etc. So step one is to try and pull all of those together and formulate some kind of route to follow and book the first section of the trip! I’m in the early stages of planning (and blogging come to think of it!) so bear with me while i try and filter some of this down to a manageable plan! I’m going to start with the bucket list of places i want to go:

1. Go to the Jazz festival in New Orleans

2. Go to Rio Carnival

3. Eat steak in Buenos Aires

4. Go to carnival in the Caribbean

5. Sip a Mojito in Cuba

6. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley

7. Go wine tasting in Piemonte

8. Go wine tasting in France (there is a theme developing!)

9. Go Port tasting in Portugal

10. Eat local fish in every seaside location i visit

11. Stay on a ranch in Texas

12. Stay at a Souk in Marrakech

13. Take the train from London to Hong Kong

14. Relax on a beach in Africa

15. Go to Fiji

16. Go to a music festival in the sun

17. Go to a music festival in the snow!

18. Drive the whole way round Italy in my Fiat 500

19. Island hop round Greece

20. Gamble in Las Vegas

21. Party in Miami

22. Aloha in Hawaii

23. Have a cocktail at the Raffles in Singapore

24. Go on a spritual retreat

25. Detox in Thailand

26. Go on Safari in Africa

27. Learn a language well enough to work in it comfortably

28. Learn a language well enough that i can teach it to my children (when i have some!)

28. Teach English in another country

29. Try the local cake every where i go

30. Meet another foodie everywhere i go

31. Work in a food establishment everywhere i go

32. See what the locals see

This clearly needs some direct and some refinement, but it’s helped to just formalise it from a bunch of post it notes onto a proper list. Now it’s time for me to go back to the map and the travel books to see how i can start to get a plan together!

The Cake Lady x