Experiements in Cakeland

This week has been all about cakey experiments!

It’s just over 2 weeks until i leave for my 460km charity bike ride from London to Paris, raising money for the British Legion as i go. I have been busy baking in order to make the final push on fundraising. So there have been lots of poppy themed buttercream cupcakes have been coming out of the kitchen at Cake Towers.

I have also been practising cakes that can last for longer than a few days so that i can send them to my brother when he goes to Afghanistan that same week. A test batch made the journey this week to a friend who is out there at the moment and i am pleased to say that they made it OK! They travelled without buttercream, packed tightly with popcorn to keep them still in transit and by all accounts were well received and still yummy when they arrived! Yayyyy!

I have also had some updates from a friend in Melbourne today which is looking like it will be my first stop on my adventures.  It’s all go and it’s still all cakey!

This weekend sees some not so exciting paperwork and planning but these little things have really brightened my day. One step further on the journey to living my dreams in 2014 onwards!


Back to it! Cakey Adventures…

So i abandoned this blog some time ago as i got sucked into the humdrum of the corporate world, and a little bit scared if i’m honest. But fear not my fellow foodies i am back on it! After a few months of soul searching i have finally made the decision that i am going, i am leaving my job, packing up and leaving to eat my way around the world in January 2014.

My journey will take a slightly different twist though…

I have been a baker for as long as i can remember, i was always “helping” my grandma in the kitchen when i was small or asking my Mum if i could bake of a weekend. I even had my own cake business for a while, but the demands of the corporate world didn’t allow the time for it remain enjoyable. Already demanding hours just made that extra responsibility stressful and unbelievably took the fun out of baking.

I would like to take this opportunity to learn about and taste as many types of cakes & bakes as i can on my travels and extend my cakey knowledge. So for all my fellow foodies out there, is there anywhere you have visited with a sublime cheesecake, pastry, cake or bread that i just have to sample, or specialities close to home that you are proud of and think i should try and learn about? I would like to be able to learn how to bake all these delectible treats as i try them so any ideas for teachers that might be good to speak to would great too!

A Very Excited Cake Lady x x x